LLP Registration in India

LLP is an abbreviation for "Limited Liability Partnership". As a partnership firm, a partnership is a corporate business vehicle that provides its members with the benefits of a company's limited liability while also allowing them to manage their internal management on mutually agreed-upon terms. Partners are less liable for any debt incurred while running the business in the future. It is known as a "hybrid between a company and a partnership" because it combines elements of both a "corporate structure" and a "partnership firm structure." According to...

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GST Implementation: Avoiding cascading effects of Indirect taxes

GST is known as a very significant step in bringing reform in the Indirect tax system in India. GST gets termed as Goods and Services Tax. It abolished various indirect taxes throughout the country and introduced the system of one nation one tax. GST amalgamated all the indirect taxes levied by the central and state government into one single indirect tax applicable throughout the country. GST implementation reformed the indirect taxation system by allowing input tax credits for consumers in a unified regime. What is GST in India? GST (i.e. Goods and...

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