What is Public Distribution System?

The Public Distribution System is an Indian food security system established under the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution. It evolved as a system of management that manages scarcity through the distribution of food grains at a reasonable price. The Public Distribution Systems are operated jointly by the Central and State governments. Central Government primarily deals with the buffer stock and controls the external and internal trade in food grains. Through its procurement activity, the Central Government tries to make even the ...

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Consumer Law

Conservation of Environment – A Step to Safeguard Future

It is high time we understand that the planet is precious. The feature that makes our planet 'Earth' is the presence of life on it. The planet is full of resources, both renewable and non-renewable. But, the sad truth is that humans exploit the planet a lot, and it has become necessary for our generation to understand the importance of the environment. If one understands the importance of the environment for the future generation, it will become easy to conserve the environment. We must stop exploiting the resource and ensure we live for the future. 'C...

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The Scenario of Road Accidents India

Road accidents are an unfortunate reality of India up to an extent wherein there is not any day when at least one incident of road accident is not in news headlines. Almost every day, road accidents happen, and sometimes it proves to be fatal. The factors that can be considered the leading cause of road accidents in India are heavy traffic and rash driving. The vehicle's number on the road is increasing day by day, thus, increasing the chances of road accidents. The price of road accidents is extreme where the family of the members who were in the accid...

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A sneak peek at Incorporation of Company in India

India has many business structures, but a company has certain aspects, and it needs to get incorporated per the Companies Act, 2013. The Companies Act, 2013 governs companies in India or any other foreign corporation in India, and the Companies Act, 2013 provides rules and regulations to deal with all aspects of the company. Incorporation is how a business is formally organised and brought into existence. Incorporation of a company means making a company a legal person. In general words, incorporation means giving birth to a company. In other words, Inc...

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Legal liability and Stages Of Litigation against a company

Litigation is the process to resolve a dispute by the involvement of a court of law. The term litigation gets derived from the Latin word 'litigatio'. The term describes the process of enforcing or defending the legal rights of an entity. Disputes are generally resolved through litigation when the judge pronounces the final decision. Litigation is a broad term that may have long and complex procedures. A suit has to go through different stages of litigation before judgement. A suit against a company is generally a civil suit. The Code of Civil Procedure...

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